About Us

Mission Statement

“Do what you say you will do…”

Wire Lab Company (WILCO) has as its purpose the development and marketing of state-of-the-art Mechanical Descaling systems for use in the steel wire industry. Our objective is to supply the highest quality products, at a fair price, backed up by responsive, complete and unsurpassed customer service.

Company History

Our Founding

Formed in 1968 by Stan Stalson, Wire Lab Company’s purpose was the technical development of the mechanical descaling process and therefore mechanical descaling machinery. Stan’s efforts made steady progress and by the late 1970s, WILCO Mechanical machinery was recognized as a commercially viable (although limited) alternative to acid picking for rod preparation. Mechanical descaling began to gain acceptance as a way to significantly reduce rod processing cost and just as important a means of reducing and eliminating the environmental problems associated with chemical cleaning

Wire Lab Company – “We were GREEN before green was cool.”


Our Expansion

In 1981 Robert J. Fulop purchased WILCO from Mr. Stalson. Since then the company has relocated twice, in 1985 and 1990, each time into larger facilities. The present 20,000 sq ft location on Cleveland’s west side is about 10 minutes from Hopkins International Airport, right off of Interstates 71 and 480.

Our Evolution

Starting in 2013 Robert L. Fulop (current owner) purchased both Wire Lab Company and sister company, Rockport Machine Company, and assumed control over day-to-day business activities.  Rob has been an active member of the Wire Association International since 1993 and is currently serving as a committee member of the WAI Exposition Planning Committee, board member of WSICA, past president of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the WAI and a member of the IWMA.

The current WILCO business is, in fact, the commercial reality envisioned in 1968.

Current Product Line

Six (6) standard models of WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems are available. This line may be separated into two classes – Non-aggressive and Aggressive descalers with the aggressive line incorporating our Automatic Rod Brushing unit. Widely used WILCO wire drawing aids include the simple to use Lubricant Applicators and straightforward double-die Pressure Die Holders.