WILCO Products

Since 1968, Wire Lab Company has specialized in the design, engineering, and manufacture of wire rod mechanical descaling systems. The exclusive focus on mechanical descaling technology has allowed Wire Lab Company to increase the product line offered to steel wire manufacturers to the point where today, customers may select from six standard models of WILCO descaling systems with additional configurations available for more specialized applications. Such a wide variety of models allows customers to put in place the WILCO Mechanical Descaling System which most closely matches their wire drawing requirement with consideration given for machinery investment, maintenance cost, the cost for any consumable items, and overall quality requirement of the finished wire product.

WILCO Lubricant Applicators are designed to simply “snap on” the rod or wire in the lubricant section of the die box after being covered with the dry lubricant. As the wire drawing machine pulls the rod or wire, the rolls of the Lubricant Applicator compact the dry lubricant onto the rod or wire.

WILCO Pressure Die Holders are designed to force lubricant, under high pressure, onto the surface of the wire as it is being drawn. They are typically installed in each die box of the wire drawing machine. Installation of a WILCO Pressure Die Holder in the first die box is essential for establishing a significant lubri­cant film while Pressure Die Holders in the remaining die boxes will maintain such proper lubrication.

Mechanical Descalers

Over 50 years of development has lead to the current product line of six (6) WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems for customers to choose from depending upon the requirements of their individual wire drawing operation. Intelligent design makes for durable low-maintenance descaling systems which require a minimum amount of line space for typical installation.

Lubricant Applicators

WILCO Lubricant Applicators are a wire drawing aid designed to apply more lubricant on the rod or wire surface. More lubricant assures smoother, more efficient wire drawing operations. Primarily for use with dry powdered soap lubricants, WILCO Lubricant Applicators are also useful with high viscosity lubricants, such as light greases and oils. WILCO Lubricant Applicators can be used in each die box of multi-draft machines but are especially effective when used in the first draft to establish maximum lubrication. WILCO Lubricant Applicators are the only production tool available that adds lubricant to the drawn wire surface after the ripper draft.

Pressure Die Holders

Five (5) standard models to choose from for R-2, R-5, R-6, MR-6, and R-10 wire drawing dies. Special R-12 also Available Pressure die holders are designed to force lubricant under high pressure onto the surface of the wire during the drawing practice. Most effective when used in conjunction with WILCO Lubricant Applicators on any type of material drawn with powdered lubricants. Simple installation using standard WILCO holding sleeves or water cooled receptacles.

Scale Collectors

The purpose of the WILCO Model 200 or WILCO Model 200-S Scale Collection equipment is to continuously collect and contain the scale residues generated during the mechanical descaling process. The equipment is specifically designed for use with WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems. The equipment can, however, be adapted to other mechan­ical descaling units with some special modifications to integrate the collector into the scaled source.