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WILCO Lubricant Applicators are a wire drawing aid designed to apply more lubricant on the rod or wire surface. More lubricant assures smoother, more efficient wire drawing operations. Primarily for use with dry powdered soap lubricants, WILCO Lubricant Applicators are also useful with high viscosity lubricants, such as light greases and oils. WILCO Lubricant Applicators can be used in each die box of multi-draft machines but are especially effective when used in the first draft to establish maximum lubrication. WILCO Lubricant Applicators are the only production tool available that adds lubricant to the drawn wire surface after the ripper draft.

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The following are examples showing the various degree of rust which may be present on wire rod coils. The effectiveness of A WILCO Mechanical Descaling System will be directly affected by the amount and type of coil rust present. Rod coil rust will vary from simple surface staining limited to the scale itself to base metal pitting. A misconception concerning rod rust and mechanical descaling is that wire rod needs to be “seasoned” prior to use. Intentional rusting of rod coils is definitely not recommended.

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