Lubricant Applicators


Designed for wire diameters from 1/32 to 7/32 inch (.8 to 5.5mm)


Designed for wire diameters from 1/8 to 5/8 inch (3.2 to 15.9mm)


“The Most Widely Used Wire Drawing Aid”

WILCO Lubricant Applicators are designed for use in all types of wire drawing operations and are used throughout the wire drawing industry. WILCO Lubricant Applicators are especially recommended in drawing mechanically descaled wire rods — in fact, they are the best approach to compensate for the lack of carrier coating on mechanically descaled rods. A choice of two models of WILCO Lubricant Applicators are designed for a full range of rod and wire sizes from 1/32 inch (0.8mm) to 5/8 inch (15.9mm) diameter. Special modified Lubricant Applicators to accommodate extra fine wire or larger rod diameters up to 31mm are also available.

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Product Specifics

WILCO Lubricant Applicators are a wire drawing aid designed to apply more lubricant on the rod or wire surface. More lubricant assures smoother, more efficient wire drawing operations. Best performance is achieved when using with dry powdered soap lubricants. WILCO Lubricant Applicators can be used in each die box of multi-draft machines or just in those die boxes where brightening wire indicates inadequate lubrication. Applicators are especially effective when used in the first draft to establish maximum lubrication. WILCO Lubricant Applicators are the only production tool available that adds lubricant to the drawn wire surface after the ripper draft.

Solve Wire Drawing Problems Such As:

• Die Scratching

• Low Die Life

• Wire Breaks

Increase Productivity and Quality Through:

• Higher Draw Speeds

• Extended Die Life

• Better Wire Finish

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Our Product Benefit

WILCO lubricant applicators apply more lubricant on the rod or wire surface.

  • Spring loaded assembly
  • Simply clamps on the rod or wire
  • Immediate results
  • Put in any soap box where the wire gets too shiny

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