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WILCO Pressure Die Holders are one of the most simple yet effective means for increasing lubrication during the wire drawing process. The WILCO pressure die approach is based on the familiar double-die concept using standard off the shelf wire drawing dies from your existing stock. The pressure die is just slightly larger in size than the incoming rod or wire (technical information about pressure die sizing is on the PD Size Selection tab) which allows the rod or wire to enter the pressure die holder with a good coating of lubricant on the material surface. The material inertia and close pressure die clearance means lubricant is constantly being drawn into the PDH faster than would normally be pulled through the reducing die. The Benefit… There is high internal pressure generated within the PDH. This pressure forces lubricant onto the material surface and through the reducing die.

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Product Specifics

Five (5) standard models to choose from for R-2, R-5, R-6, (metric) MR-6 for 43mm x 27mm casings and R-10 wire drawing dies.  A special R-12 pressure die holder is also available.

Whether processing low carbon, high carbon steel rod or alloys, your operation will benefit from the additional lubricant film applied. WILCO Pressure Die Holders are for use in each and every die box and are especially recommended for use in drawing mechanically descaled wire rod where there is no carrier coating present. The combination of WILCO Mechanical Descaling Equipment with WILCO Lubricant Applicators and WILCO Pressure Die Holders provides a true “systems” approach important to a successful mechanical descaling operation. Simple installation using standard WILCO holding sleeves or water cooled receptacles.

Indirect Cool, Permanent Install

Die boxes that accept dies for direct water contact are prone to water leakage.  Custom made holding sleeves are available from Wire Lab that are permantly installed in the die box and completely sealed to prevent water leaks while allowing for easy pressure die holder removal.

Direct Fit

As long as the die holder block is thicker that the length of the WILCO pressure die holder a matching 3 degree taper may be machined in the block.  The pressure die holder simply slides in place for rapid installation and removal.

Straight Sleeve

This method is required if the die block is narrower than the overall length of the Pressure Die Holder itself. The Straight Holding Sleeve provides the required full support and may be installed with minimum modification to the die box.


If the die box face is flat then a WILCO water jacket may be bolted to the die box thereby requiring minimal machining and modification for effective installation and use.


Select your incoming rod or wire size and add the corresponding amount to the pressure die. Pressure die clearance regulates pressure generated with more clearance leading to lower pressure.

Selecting Pressure Dies for Rod

Rod Size (inch/mm) Add for Pressure Die Size (“/mm)
.218 thru .266 (5.5 – 6.7) .027″ (.69)
.267 thru .375 (6.8 – 9.5) .037″ (.94)
.376 thru .500 (9.6 – 12.7) .050″ (1.27)
.501 thru .688 (12.8 – 17.5) .070″ (1.78)
.689 thru .938 (17.6 – 23.8) .095″ (2.41)

Selecting Pressure Dies for Wire

Wire Size (inch/mm) Add for Pressure Die Size (“/mm)
.030 thru .062 (.76 – 1.57) .002″ (.051)
.063 thru .112 (1.58 – 2.84) .004″ (.102)
.113 thru .192 (2.85 – 4.88) .008″ (.203)
.193 thru .320 (4.89 – 8.13) .014″ (.356)
.321 thru .520 (8.14 – 13.21) .022″ (.559)
.521 thru .678 (13.22 – 17.22) .030″ (.762)

NOTE:  Smaller pressure die size will INCREASE pressure and a larger pressure die will DECREASE pressure.  Adjusting pressure die size is typically required but the above sizing tables serve as a good starting point.

Water Cooled Receptacles

WILCO Water Cooled Receptacles are designed to draw heat away from the Pressure Die Holder and are an effective means for establishing consistency in the wire drawing operation. Water circulated around or through the Receptacle will lower and maintain a uniform temperature, important for consistent drawing operation especially when processing alloy or high carbon material. A variety of universal, standard Receptacles are stocked along with more specialized, brand-specific Receptacles. Custom Receptacles for your wire drawing machine may be designed by Wire Lab Company as well. Current WILCO Water Cooled Receptacle designs are a rectangular slip fit, round threaded, round weld-on, bolt-on and direct replacement screw in.


Indirect Cool

Direct Fit

Bolt On

Straight Sleeve

Our Product Benefit

Significantly increase lubrication of the wire drawing die.

  • Reduce friction
  • Reduce heat
  • Improve wire finish
  • Increase wire drawing speeds

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