Scale Collectors


WILCO Scale Collectors are accessory equipment for use with WILCO Mechanical Descaling Systems to continuously collect and contain scale generated during the mechanical descaling process.

The Collectors are free-standing separate units. They are of cabinet-type construction with nine (9) self-cleaning cartridge filters. Cleaning is on an automatic basis according to differential pressure accomplished with a reverse air pulse. The collection is continuous even during cleaning cycles.

The standard Model 200 has a 3 or 5 Hp squirrel-cage motor. The enhanced Model 200-S has an added 3 Hp vacuum blower that allows the unit to act as a vacuum cleaner for general shop clean up.

The Collectors are supplied with all required hardware to connect the Collector to WILCO descaling equipment.

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System Operation

In operation, a Collector continuously takes away scale as it is generated by:

1. A WILCO model 310 Scale Breaker

2. A WILCO model 610 Air Jet Cleaner

3. A single or dual WILCO Automatic Rod Brusher.

4. A combination of WILCO modules.


Both models can service two adjacent WILCO descaling lines a maximum of 25 feet – 7.6 m apart. Collected scale capacity is about 700 pounds – 318 kg in a 55-gallon drum – 208 liters. Emptying before maximum capacity is recommended.


Both Collectors have a compact footprint of 33 inches by 33 inches – 84 cm by 84 cm. Height is 135 inches – 3.4 m.

Utility Requirements (Model 200 and 200-S)

Electrical 220 or 440 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 380 V, 50Hz also available
Air 2-3 CFM – 1.2 I/s at 90 psi – 6.2 bar

*All 3 Phase electrical supplies may be accommodated.

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